Slow Christmas The Western Thief Yavapai County Story
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Take a new journey through this holiday season on an old fashioned path. Released in 2012, Slow Christmas is an all original addition in the style of that old-time Christmas canon.
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The Western Thief is a story about coming home. Bryant's first full-length album was released in 2008 and captures moments between the before and after.
Yavapai County Coming Soon
For over a decade, Bryant has been writing and performing music that pines for the past and stares deeply into the future, while landing squarely in the present. His influences include Johnny Mercer, Paul Simon, Blossom Dearie, and anyone else who can say it better in a song. He currently lives in Chicago with his wife. You can listen to all of his music on the following streaming sites: If you're interested in supporting him, you can also purchase his music from the following fine online retailers: For booking and licensing requests, please contact:
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